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Reading Readiness Center, LLC is committed to the well-being of our students and our staff.
We will be implementing all necessary precautions to play our role in protecting our community and keeping the virus from spreading.
Our kids and our staff’s health and safety are our first priority.
For online registration, Please visit www.yourirvine.org.
Any questions, please feel free to contact Nabila Imran at 323-216-9541 or email at r.readiness@gmail.com
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Reading Readiness Center, LLC

Reading Readiness Center, LLC is an enrichment program designed to help prepare children for Kindergarten. We help children learn to read. Our goal is to help early learners reach their full potential. We want to reach as many children as possible and provide them an exceptional fun and leaning experience. We believe each child goes through different learning stages as they grow. So, we have created a unique learning tool to help each child individually. Our classes are interactive and engaging. Our Proprietary curriculum is fun and helps develop early literacy skills in children. We offer classes that are focused on children’s creative learning, development growth, social emotional needs and academic achievement. Our proven methodology helps grow children’s intelligence and capabilities. Through a variety of activities, we keep kids engaged, focused and motivated. So, they can play, learn and grow!

Message From The Director

We want every child at Reading Readiness Center, LLC to have a wonderful experience with their Early Childhood Education. Every child must feel very Safe, Comfortable, and Happy. My personal belief is that no learning can take place until they feel all three. So, we welcome you to the Program with the promise to try our best to accomplish this, and academic success will follow.
Nabila Imran
Director - Reading Readiness Center, LLC


kids show their palms painted paint
Interactive Class Activities