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Best Parenting Hacks



Being a parent is a huge responsibility as you are raising a human being who is going to be a part of society and represent your personality in one way or another. Children are observers and they keenly look out for the details which are presented in front of them and later on they demonstrate the same behavior. As a result, they are considered to be immoral for the behaviors which they learned from their parents or surroundings.

Without any doubt, parents are much more conscious to provide a better and positive outlook on life to their kids, yet in some cases, being human, parents can lose control and get angry. Parents must represent themselves as their best version, depicting a positive, soothing, and calm nature. So that the children may listen, understand, and follow their lead. Parents can adopt some smart tips to get their children to listen to them.

Show Respect

Giving respect and getting respect is the rule of the world. When you will talk respectfully and show them respect, it will be easier for them to show respect back.

Be Comprehensive

Speak to your child at the level that they understand. Keep your sentences precise, understandable and meaningful.


Use Fewer Words

Children can’t process or decode unlimited instructions, they need short and simple sentences with direct instructions. Make sure to let them know what you expect from them in fewer words.

Use Positive Language

Children always need positive reinforcement and direct instructions to let them know what needs to be done instead of what they shouldn’t do.

Listen Carefully

A child will listen to you when you will listen to them carefully. Good family communication and active listening encourage your child to listen and obey you.

Get into their Space

Make some time to listen to their concerns. Give them suggestions to sort out their issues and let them know you are always having their back.

Get on their level

Make sure to maintain eye contact and kneel at your child’s level when they want to tell something. Listen to them carefully and don’t start talking until you have your child’s full attention.



Offer Choices

Make your child feel that they are in control of the situation by giving them choices. You don’t need to tell them all the time what they should do, let them choose instead.


Set up routines

A child feels pride when they know what they are supposed to do without interference. Try to establish and maintain a set of routines to follow.


Positive reinforcement

Give positive compliments and surprise rewards to your child when they follow your directions. You must provide positive consequences to reinforce their behavior.


When you will become successful to maintain a positive relationship with your child, by giving them their space and listening to them in their hour of need, they will become closer to you and your relationship will become stronger with them.