Through 12+ years of experience, the leadership of Reading Readiness has recognized a need for a new brand and business model that, through franchising can offer a higher quality service and a more sophisticated plus technologically driven approach concept that fits into one of the more traditional franchise segments. Education franchises have been successfully replicated and sold through franchising for almost sixty years. The Reading Readiness Center franchise system fits a very nice market niche in today’s economy. With a model that presents strong ROI with solid, experienced management and proper oversight we believe this is a compelling, well-timed opportunity. The current team and existing markets make for a powerful combination of business leadership skills and complete industry credibility. Through franchising, the franchisor will lend a solid and growing brand in Reading Readiness Center to franchise owners. Together, the power of entrepreneurship and the leveraged economies of scale that a larger business can provide, will lend the Reading Readiness Center the ability to grow nationally, successfully, and quickly!
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