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PreK Lesson Plans

Give your preschoolers the tools they need to dominate essential mathematical, scientific, and grammatical concepts. Through play and projects that involve pictures, drawings, phonics, simple sentences, counting, and shapes. RRC’s preschool exercise plans give a strong premise to your child’s educational growth while offering a wide assortment of exercises. From simple math to simple geometry, learning phonics to simple sentences, from identifying animals, living things to exploring the human body parts and their purposes, our library has all the assets you require to keep the classroom energizing.

Course Description

Early childhood education is a high time of your child’s development. Parents and educators are aware that the early years of childhood can firmly affect the human But how might learning be made alluring at a youthful age?

Use Reading Readiness Center’s e-learning platform where famous, instructive pre-learner exercises plan to handle fundamental early acquiring abilities for progress.

Our Course Outline:

What Do Kids Learn in Preschool?
Below we look at what children learn in preschool:
Our course outline
• Letter recognition ( videos, worksheet, then test for kids eg: click the all 1 in a group, )
• Number counting
• A-z (worksheets, activities, games)
• Opposites ( slides show/video, test → match the correct opposite)
• Good habits (slide show)
• Eating equities ( video)
• Drawing and painting ( pages)
• Gluing
• Hygiene (healthy food, videos)
• Letters tracing ( video, practice sheets, activity match the dots and make correct number)
• Listening ( video story)
• Nature (video→ find the things in images, activity)
• Numbers ( activity→ fill the blanks with the missing numbers)
• Physical activity like running, jumping, skipping, hopping on one foot, and using playground equipment and balls ( video, activity match the correct activity with the written image)
• Shapes ( how to draw shapes, joining the dots, complete the shape, activity → match the shape with their name)
• Sharing ( slide show→ sharing is caring)
• Sorting objects ( activity→complete the image place the things incorrect order, place the object in their correct place, complete the pattern)
• Taking turns
• Transitioning from one activity to another
• Weather
• Writing letters and number
• Phonics ( video, activity→listen to carefully and click the correct sounds)
• Sounds
• Pattern
• Rhymes ( video, activity→find the same sounds like
• Puzzle ( joining the dots and complete the puzzle, complete the image)
• Differences ( find a difference in 2 images, objects)
• Sizes ( slide show, big, bigger, small, smaller, activity → click the lighter object)

PreK Worksheets and Printables

The brain of a pre learner is like a blossom bud nearly sprouting — to prosper, all each requires is a That is the reason our preschool worksheets and printables are the ideal tools for inquisitive youthful students. Whether it’s visual activities that teach letter and number recognition, or tracing worksheets. You and your preschooler will find our preschool worksheets stimulating, challenging, and most importantly, fun.

PreK Worksheets Unlock the Door to Learning Success

There’s nothing similar to seeing the faces of little youngsters light up when they start to get their hands on early education concepts. Furthermore, during this astonishing time of wonder and exploration, our pre learner worksheets can play a vital role in giving youthful students a bouncing off point for future scholastic accomplishment.

Regardless of where your child is in the early learning spectrum, you’ll discover many worksheets that teach, inspire, and entertain. What’s more, kids can hone multiple skills within the same activity. Take, for instance, our color by number worksheet, which at the same time shows preschoolers how to recognize numbers, tones, and shapes, all while practicing skills.

Beyond the standard age appropriate reading, writing and math exercises — which were all planned by proficient instructors — our preschool worksheets show kids everything from sorting techniques and the five senses to feelings and emotions. Furthermore, since the vast majority of our preschool worksheets include exciting illustrations and cute characters, young students will remain engaged as they become acquainted with essential things that are pivotal to future scholastic achievement. Browse our wide variety of worksheets now and start ingraining an adoration for learning.

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