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Reading Readiness is committed to the well-being of our students and our staff.
We will be implementing all necessary precautions to play our role in protecting our community and keeping the virus from spreading.
Our kids and our staff’s health and safety are our first priority.
For online registration, Please visit www.yourirvine.org.
Any questions, please feel free to contact Nabila Imran at 323-216-9541 or email at r.readiness@gmail.com
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You can also contact us for more questionnaire.
Yes, if you like, you can register for both MWF and TTH classes.
No, we do not offer makeup classes, because both of our classes run at a different pace. Besides, if they miss a class or two, it is ok. They tend to pick up very quickly.

The way the registration is set up, they open up the spots for every quarter, meaning for every 3 months, and yes you can register for all 3 months in advance if the spots are available.

Yes, there is no problem, if you need to pick up your child a little early once in a while. Please make sure to let the teacher know.
Snack is brought in by the child, and cannot be shared with any friends. Since some kids have food allergies/diet restrictions; we do not allow children to share their snacks.
We take a letter a day and work on it. So, we continue the letters from A-Z, and then practice, test, and move on to the next level. The new kids that join in, start from whichever letter we are on. And, then either start from the beginning when it restarts or if they know they missed letters, they move on.
It is optional. We currently don’t need any parent volunteers. But, once in a while, when we have extra activities, then we request parent volunteers. And, at that time, if you are available, you can help.
Please put your child on the Waitlist, and if a spot opens up, Office will go down the list and call you to register.
You may come in to observe the class for a few minutes. But, due to liability issues, we do not allow any child without being registered. Once the child is registered, and for any reason, you do not like the program, then we follow the City’s refund policy.
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