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Reading Readiness Center, LLC is committed to the well-being of our students and our staff.
We will be implementing all necessary precautions to play our role in protecting our community and keeping the virus from spreading.
Our kids and our staff’s health and safety are our first priority.
For online registration, Please visit www.yourirvine.org.
Any questions, please feel free to contact Nabila Imran at 323-216-9541 or email at r.readiness@gmail.com
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You can also contact us for more questions.

The Reading Readiness is a program to help kids prepare for Kindergarten while having lots of fun. They are not sitting down the entire time. We have several activities planned for them throughout the day. It is a fun filled enrichment program. They play and learn at the same time. What make us different, is we are not just a development learning, or creative learning program, we are also an academic focused program.

Each child is different. Every kid reaches their learning curve at a different pace. We do not push or force any child. Instead, we work closely with each kid and guide them as we see them ready to move forward. Our goal is to build the love for reading.
Reading Readiness not only has the academic approach to learning, we also follow Reggio Emilia’s philosophy to learning. We take a multi-faceted approach to learning, by presenting ideas through a variety of methods including art, reading, imaginative play and by setting projects which allow children to explore and learn with a focused goal. Our curriculum is customized to help each child individually. It is a comprehensive program. Our proprietary curriculum is created with years of research and revision.
Yes, you can simply add your child to both MWF and TTH class. That way, your child can attend all 5 days.
The way our registration system currently works is our registration opens on a quarterly basis. So, the spots are open for 3 months at a time. You are welcome to register for all 3 months at once.
Please add your child on the waitlist, and if a spot opens, office will go down the list and contact you to register.
No, it is a continuous program and most of our kids are continuous kids. And, yes, we are open throughout the year.
Since, we work with little kids, sometimes parents need to travel or just need a break. We do not feel good forcing parents to commit to an entire year. It just doesn’t make sense to commit parents to an entire year of financial responsibility upfront. It makes it easier for parents to pay monthly. We like the quality of our program to bring in the repeat clients.
Due to liability issues, we are not allowed to have any child in class, unless they are registered for that day. Therefore, we do not offer makeup class.
Snack is brought in by the child and cannot be shared with any friends. Due to food allergies/diet restrictions, we do not allow children to share their snack.
We take a letter a day and work on it. We begin with Letter A and end at Letter Z. Once, we have completed all the letters, we take the test. If the child is ready to be moved up, we move them up. When, a new child comes in, we start them from whatever letter we are at and continue. Once, we complete all the letters and then test them. If they are ready to be moved up, we move them up. And if they’re not ready yet, we start them from the beginning.
No, it is optional. We currently don’t need any parent volunteers. But, occasionally, when we have extra curriculum activities, we may request parent volunteers. At that time, if you are available, you can help.
Due to the discipline of the class, we do not allow parents to stay in the classroom. It is a drop off program. You are welcome to stay outside the classroom.
You may come in to observe the class for a few minutes. But, due to liability issues, we do not allow any child without being registered. Once the child is registered, and for any reason, you do not like the program, you may drop off before the second class.
Yes, but please let us know in advance. So, we know ahead of time.
If your child is potty trained and you feel they are ready for the program, we can always give it a try. Please contact program’s director for exceptions.
We are NOT a nut free facility. Please contact program’s director for further info.
No, they are NOT allowed to leave the room by themselves. One of the teachers, always accompany them to the bathroom. We open the front bathroom door and hold the door. We do not go inside the toilet with the kids. Once, they are done using the bathroom, we can help them pull their pants or skirts if needed. But we like to make them independent, so we request parents, to put the clothes that are easy to pull up and down. We normally have more than one child for the bathroom trip.
Please provide a small snack as these are little kids and they do not a lot. Besides, the class is only for a few hours. Please provide something to drink as they do get thirsty. (Example: Some crackers, fruits, egg, milk, juice, water).
Please do NOT let your child bring in any toy from home. We encourage children to play with the classroom toys. It’s best that they keep their toys at home. It can be lost, or brake and sometimes kids forget them in class.
We do celebrate Birthday’s in class. However, we do not allow any food items brought in the classroom. We do not allow any cakes to be cut. We do have parents bring in goodie bags or just a pencil or a small toy to share with class. It is optional and not required. You can also bring in individually wrapped cupcakes and we can pass those out to kids. Kids are NOT allowed to eat anything brought in by other parents, unless their parents are present and accept the treat. If you must bring in open cupcakes, you may pass them out, outside the classroom. That way, parents leaving the class, can decide if they want their child to have it or not. Please notify the teacher a day in advance so we can prepare to celebrate your child’s Birthday.
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