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Giving Charity is Good


Humans rule the planet earth for ages, but all these rulers are not rich in all sources. Some have all that is required for a happy and healthy life, whereas others are in the struggling phase trying to achieve everything to have a better life and many are still struggling to have a life as they are not having the basic needful requirements. People having a better life can help the needy to fulfill their needs by giving charity to them.

Charity means helping others in need and it could be in any form, such as food, toys, clothes, shoes, money, or anything which could be shared with others. It is a good and easy way to circulate happiness with some help, but it is not just a limited materialistic resource. It can also be in the form of little acts of kindness, for example: helping someone in need, solving others’ problems, cheering someone up when they feel low, sharing food with others, or even a little smile can brighten up the day.

As a parent, we all expect our children to be generous and kind and understand the importance of charity. We need to let them acknowledge that some people have more resources than them, whereas many don’t have as many resources as them and they can help those people out by participating in charity. To understand charity, your child might also need to develop the core values such as empathy, generosity, and recognition.

Empathy can be defined as sharing and understanding the feelings of others.

Generosity means showing kindness and giving plentifully to others.

Recognition is to acknowledge the existence and experience of those who are needy.

To teach your child to be charitable, you need to represent yourself as a role model by doing it yourself. When they will observe you, they will follow the same path after you. 


Money is the best charity, you can give money to someone in need and let your child know that you tried to help them by giving charity. Or you can give some money to your child to deposit in the charity boxes.

Arrange an activity, involve your child to select some clothes and toys which are in good condition, and they would like to share with someone in need.

Talk often to your child to let them know how blissful they are with the resources they have to spend a better life and encourage them to share, care, and be charitable. After all, sharing is caring!

Teaching charity to your child is easier by involving them and letting them know that there are people who may need their efforts to have a better life. Once your child will learn to understand the feelings and needs of others, he will become empathetic. He will be willingly helping them being generous and he will be able to acknowledge their needs.