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Many parents believe that kids are too young to get involved in cleaning and setting up the house. But being involved in house chores develops a sense of responsibility, belonging, and acceptance in them. It will surprise the parents to know that doing the house chores can build the confidence and self-esteem of a child. They will feel worthy to know that they are being helpful and you trust them to do some tasks. This trust may give a hugely positive result, as it will make your child a responsible person.

Children are capable to do much more than we can expect from them, even a toddler can perform various house chores. House chores can be very helpful to develop the organizational skills of your child, and they may become better at following instructions. Kids learn through participation and feel good about their contribution to the family. It is for sure, that kids won’t be perfect at doing all the chores but involving them with you will bring pleasure for both and enhance your relationship stronger. 


You can choose household chores that suit children’s age and ability and can motivate them to do those chores. A toddler will be able to perform various chores if you involve and guide them on how to do them.


Children between the ages of 1 to 3 can help you around with

Picking their toys

Putting laundry and other washables in the hamper

Filling the water bottles

Watering the plants

Setting up grocery items

Set plates on the table

Wiping up the spills

Dusting around the house


Children aged 4 and above can help with


Making their bed

Cleaning the table

Sweeping the floor

Preparing meals

Taking the dishes to the kitchen

Unloading the dishwasher

Cleaning the windows

Hand-held vacuuming

Folding laundry

And all the other things that a child between the ages of 1 to 3 can do.

All these tasks make the child feel empowered and confident as they learn different strategies from all these chores. You need to be patient, and supportive, and praise your child for everything that they do. Your support will let the child feel more confident and capable, and they will take more interest to help you around with all the other chores around the house.