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Concentration is all about paying attention to any task that is being performed. Children usually face concentration issues because they get bored easily and can switch attention from one task to another that interests them most. But they end up being stuck between both tasks and not able to complete any one of them because of a lack of concentration.

The attention span of a young child is not more than 5 to 20 minutes. To improve a child’s focus, mindfulness, attention span, and concentration of a child, we can use some techniques to help them to be raised as concentrated persons.

Prepare a distraction-free environment for them that is soothing, you can provide them with a separate space and keep away all distracting gadgets such as TV, mobile, and laptop. Try to keep all the required things near your child, so that he may not need to get up to get anything. This will surely help to improve their focus and increase attention.

Fix a routine and set a timetable to follow, so that your child may know what things he needs to focus on during specific periods.

Let your child focus and do one thing at a time, rather than switching tasks.

Allow your child to take quick naps and make sure that all required break times such as going to the bathroom, or eating something should be done before study time.

Divide bigger tasks into smaller ones, it will motivate your child to accomplish them, and will be easier to concentrate on the small parts rather than the whole.

Set short time goals, and assign a time limit for the completion of a goal, keeping in mind the attention span limit of your child.

Praise your child for small achievements and set up a reward system to encourage them, they will be much more motivated and will try to pay more attention to complete the assigned tasks in a specific time.

Do not let your child sit at one point for a long time, when you feel that the child is getting bored, allow some time for distraction to them in which they can move around and do some physical activity.

Meditation would be a great source to help your child develop focus, you can join in and let your child sit beside you for a few minutes and let them try deep breathing and imagery, it will be very helpful to improve their brain power.

Eating healthy food is very important to improve concentration, as it increases the cognitive abilities of a child. Too much sugary or junk food makes the child sluggish, hence it is important to feed them a protein diet and greens to boost their concentration.

In short, like any other skill, concentration can be developed and improved, all you need is to be consistent and strengthen your relationship with your child.