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Imoportance of Self-care for Mothers



Motherhood is exciting and exhausting at the same time, it doesn’t come with a job description but it compliments all the jobs as it brings along the responsibilities of taking care of another life. Many women, when they enter the motherhood journey, ignore their personalities and just focus on the needs of their children. Although the child needs attention and time but embracing motherhood doesn’t mean that you let yourself down. To care for someone else you first have to care about yourself as you can complement the needs of others while taking care of your personality and needs.

Self-care is all about caring for your health, happiness, and well-being. It is a vital component of stress relief. It is often misconceived as luxurious treatments or lavish vacations without children, it certainly can be right but it is all about maintaining your well-being and making sure that your physical, emotional, and social cups are being filled. 

Making time for yourself may feel selfish or indulgent, but it is far away from the truth. Small acts of self-kindness and self-care can remove the exhaustion, stress, and depression that mothers usually feel. Little things such as exercising, eating nutritious meals, staying hydrated, and showering are all part of your self-care. Although these tasks are taken for granted, with a toddler or a newborn they become major challenges.

The most important elements of self-care are to be realistic and self-motivated. Remember that a mother’s health and well-being can affect the entire family and by incorporating yourself into a routine, you can become an effective and amazing caregiver. You need to take a break, admit that you need it, and give relaxation to yourself for some time.

Although it is difficult with children, there are various activities that you can perform to start your self-care routine. You can try to take regular time-outs, specifically when your child takes a nap.


Entertain yourself with some good music, or prepare and enjoy your favorite snack, watch your favorite show or read a good book. You can also indulge in some physical activity, such as going for a walk, meditating, or joining an exercise club.

Pampering yourself and having some ‘me-time’ will bring no harm. Take a refreshing bath, wear your favorite dress and make yourself feel pretty. Cheer up yourself and be reminded that you are doing great so far and you can do better in the future. Recite positive affirmations to yourself while doing various tasks to keep you encouraged. If you feel tired of everything, then you can take a nap with your child.

Make sure that your daily needs are being fulfilled. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, eat 3 nutritious meals, keep yourself hydrated, go for a walk, and take required vitamins & supplements. Motherhood is undoubtedly a tiring process, it might be difficult to admit that you need help or are unable to accomplish everything on your own, tell your loved ones when you need help or space. Be vocal to your partner and let them support you in this beautiful journey effortlessly.