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Welcome to Reading Readiness Center, LLC. An opportunity to participate in a new franchise concept that has been proven over the last 10-years. A concept that is exclusive as we have designed our own curriculum that is a cut above anything in the market place, one that is socially responsible, profitable, offers online subscription-based services, allows you the opportunity to give back, and is lots of fun!
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According to marketresearch.com the recovery of the economy is going to affect the prek market dramatically. Parents and guardians, especially females, are going back to work causing the demand for preschools and preschool services to grow. Additionally, disposable income is also expected to continue to increase which will let women put more resources towards childcare, specifically towards high-value services like early educational programs. An important factor to pay close attention to that is affecting the growth of this market is employer-sponsored preschool programs, which are becoming more and more of a driving factor as companies put more emphasis on childcare to attract and hold on to quality talent. Reading Readiness is a learning program with a 10-year history of success designed to help early learners reach their social and academic goals. We work with a very unique and proprietary curriculum exclusive only to our franchise network to establish a bridge between Preschool and Kindergarten students.
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As a Director/Owner of the Reading Readiness Center, LLC, Nabila Rangoonwala has spent the past 10+ years working with Preschool age kids and has successfully developed a unique, proprietary, innovative, and profitable approach to Early Childhood Education. Through years of experience and research, she has designed an interactive and very comprehensive curriculum which will be made available exclusively to our franchise partners to prepare kids for Kindergarten. Her goal to help kids reach their full potential through years of experience working with small children has given her the advantage of understanding child psychology. Nabila has received numerous Early Childhood Certifications listed below and combined with her years of experience this has led her to own and operate multiple Reading Readiness locations throughout Irvine, California. Nabila’s belief in taking a holistic approach has ensured many families reach their children’s academic goals. With a successful operation of multiple locations, Nabila has recently decided to spread her knowledge into franchising, now offering prospective franchisees the opportunity to replicate what she has done successfully within their own territories and with the support of her team to ensure success.
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Interview With Nabila Imran


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We at Reading Readiness believe every child has a right to an excellent education that provides the tools they will need to be productive, positive members of society. To accomplish this, we focus on building “community” in the classroom. We also focus on building early literacy skills to help them become lifelong learners. Our mission is to create a unique learning tool for each child based on their needs. We feel each child goes through different learning stages as they grow, and we strongly believe in treating each child with the most love and respect. Years of working with young children, has given us an advantage of understanding child psychology. We understand their need to be engaged through variety of activities and to be able to stay focused and motivated.
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Reading Readiness has a very unique model.


Our franchise vs the competition.
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