Our Story


Our journey began when our founder Nabila Rangoonwala started looking for a Preschool/Enrichment program for her son. She visited many different places and explored many options. To her surprise, she couldn’t find something that would satisfy her desire to help her son play, learn, and grow. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit and felt a need for a more comprehensive program for Preschool age kids. She wanted to create something that would help children not only gain development and creative learning skills, but also incorporate academic learning and help kids with early literacy skills. She wanted fun, creativity and learn at the same time. She thought long and hard and then began her search for something to help not only her son but all children at large. She started her research and education in the early childhood field and that’s how Reading Readiness was born. She worked tirelessly to design an interactive and comprehensive program to prepare kids for kindergarten. Through years of experience and research, she than developed a unique and innovative approach to Early Childhood Education. She has since helped thousands of kids play, learn and thrive!
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