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We at Reading Readiness believe children exposed to academic-focused learning at an early age have lifelong implications for learning, achievement, emotional resilience, and well-being. Our proven methodology helps grow children’s intelligence and capabilities. Our game-changing curriculum has been created with step-by-step instructions to help each child reach their full potential. It has been developed with years of research and experience. Besides our comprehensive curriculum, we implement our Proprietary ‘Pathways to Excellence’ framework, which has been developed to inspire a love for learning and to challenge our children. We simply harness children’s innate desire to learn and develop intellect, physical and social excellence within each child.
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Carpet Time fun and learning enhance children’s listening skills and promote Kindergarten Preparedness

Our carpet time is fun and interactive teaching kids letter recognition, sounds, number counting, color songs and a lot more. Helps them prepare for Kindergarten. Boost their knowledge and builds confidence.
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Science and Experiments

We treat each child as the inventors of tomorrow. They experiment, interact and explore. Surely, they make lots of errors along the way. But their curiosity is sparked, nurtured, and fueled. Children are guided by teachers with knowledge and curiosity, who believe in the power of education as they explore and learn about the world they inhabit through exciting experiments.

Math creates the Foundation for critical thinking, reasoning, and logic

We teach kids the language of Mathematics in reference to quantity recognition, equation and problem solving. This enables them to leap from simple mechanics of arithmetic to the much more fascinating and creative world of thinking, reasoning and logic.
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Group sessions to practice letters and numbers

Our class work time is learning and practice. We use unique teaching methodology to help kids trace and write letters, numbers, math, science, counting and reading. We use special techniques to promote reading and writing. Our daily practice helps strengthen their small motor skills making their writing skills strong.
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Story time increases early literacy skills in children and helps stretch their attention span

Our story time strengthens empathy in children, boosts their emotional intelligence, flex their imagination and keeps them engaged. It is also an adventure for kids and an enriching experience. Through this process of reading together, kids can make friends and build a community.
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Art builds creativity and helps children develop

Art supports children’s large and small muscle development. It also helps their eye-hand coordination and fine motor control. It is also an excellent way for children to communicate, share their ideas, draw their vision, make choices and solve problems. It helps them express their feelings.

Physical activity profoundly influences brain growth and neurological development in young children

Our daily physical activities help develop children’s gross motor skills that enable maintaining balance, walking, running, climbing, pushing, pulling and jumping. Playing balls and exercising helps them grow. Large gross motor skills are building blocks for developing fine motor skills. Play time enhances strength and coordination. Physical activities help kids feel a sense of calmness and relaxation. It refreshes them making learning more effective.
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Early Reading helps develop confidence and love for learning

A child who is an independent reader can acquire knowledge must faster. As the child connects those bits of knowledge, his or her intelligence is multiplied at an exponential rate. A wonderful gift to give your child.
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