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Raising an Intelligent Child



Raising an intelligent child might seem challenging but it brings along opportunities at the same time to build a closer relationship and better understanding with your child. It is simpler and more basic than many parents realize it to be. In the beginning, it might seem that you will have to spend a lot more time and put forth a lot more effort to promote the curiosity and intellectual growth of your child but the positive reflection will be to nurture your child’s intelligence, and talents by expanding their perspectives.

To promote positive and intellectual behavior in your child, you first have to start implementing it on yourself. It all starts with you. As a parent, when you will start to take good care of yourself, become loving and be present for your child whenever they need you, it will boost your child’s confidence and they will get involved with you in various activities and learn from you. This involvement will help them to look ahead of their horizon and they will be able to learn more about their surroundings with your involvement. All you need to do is to provide little guidance and see your child outgrow their comfort zone.


Let your kid learn to solve their problems. Do not answer all the questions and allow them to think to overcome the situations.

Avoid answering immediately and let them think about different scenarios to solve their issues.

Behold and let the child search for the answers teach them various ways to look for their answers, give them access to Google or teach them to use an encyclopedia.

Teach your child to think from different perspectives, and let them think outside the box. This will help them to be innovative, creative, and progressive.

Encourage them to make friends and let themselves be engaged with their peers. It will be a great opportunity for them to learn and work with others and will be a great self-esteem booster for your child.

Get involved with your child and perform various activities with them, seeing you in motion will encourage them to do things with their own hands and they will get more creative with you.


Ask them to list things that they think as issues and follow that list to resolve those issues one by one. Let them know that problems are not bad, they are a part of life and can be resolved with patience.

Allow your child to talk to you about their feelings and stay updated on how they are doing at school. Build a strong connection and let them know that you are always there for them.

Enlighten your expectations to your child, let them know what you want from them, set some goals with them, and discuss ways to progress to achieve those goals.

Celebrate little moments of success with your child. Let them know at every little achievement that you are proud of them always.

You can do all these things from the birth of your child or start at any time during your parenting process and you will see the positive outcomes of your efforts on your child’s personality while watching them be grown as more intelligent, intellectual, and responsible adults.