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Read regularly with your child

Read regularly with your child

Reading is the basic building block for learning. It helps to improve memory and strengthens the brain’s connection as it requires focus, hence improving the ability to concentrate. Reading is no doubt, a great source of improving vocabulary and other language skills.

Reading stories and other informative books to a child helps to promote their imagination and develop their brain, language, and emotions and it also strengthens your relationship with the child. It also would be of great help for your child to know sounds, words, language, and other literacy skills. It is also very considerate to develop concentration, focus, curiosity, social skills, and communication skills as well. It provides a great source of knowledge to know more about the world and its various cultures.

It is proved that reading to young children improves their cognitive skills which means that they can develop their thinking and understanding leading them towards problem-solving and decision-making from childhood.

Reading to toddlers between the ages of 1-3 is very beneficial. Being a mother, you can become more creative with your toddler by telling them stories. Read the positive and creative stories to boost their confidence from the beginning.

Read regularly with your child

Choose some story books for your young one with colorful pictures, let your child sit beside you, show them the pictures and read the story to them. It will improve their imagination skills and they would be able to visit enchanted places in their imagination. To improve the reading skills

* Make sure to find a quiet place to read, so your child could hear you.

* Involve your child by showing them pictures and encouraging them to talk about them.

* Let them choose the book, and read it to them as many times as they ask for it.

*You can hold their hand and place their finger on words, it will help them to get introduced to the words.

*Read a sentence aloud, and let them repeat the sentence.

*Try to use different sounds for different characters, so they can differentiate and enjoy it for a long time. You can also try to let them speak a specific character’s dialogues.

*Young children usually enjoy good rhymes, you can choose some good poems to read to them. Let them sing along with you.

*Get your children together and let the older ones read to the younger ones, or you can read along together.

*You can take turns, ask questions and listen to their answers carefully. It would be a great source to improve their comprehension skills.

Remember that reading for a few minutes would be enough, you don’t need to finish a book at one time. You can continue reading the same book any other time when the child shows interest. As they say ‘Any time is a good time to read a book or a story!’ but try to make it a habit to read regularly with your child.

Read regularly with your child