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Our kids and our staff’s health and safety are our first priority.
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Reading Readiness Refund Policy:

1. Introduction:

1.1 Please read this Refund Policy carefully as it constitutes your agreement with Reading Readiness Center, LLC.

1.2 By engaging Reading Readiness Center, LLC to provide services and/or products to you, you agree to be legally bound by this Refund Policy. We reserve the right to change or modify this Refund Policy at any time.

2. Refunds:

2.1 If you are dissatisfied with our products and services, Reading Readiness Center, LLC will issue a refund for certain refundable products and/or services. However, before you request for a refund, please make sure you have done the following:
  • Submitted the refund request within 14 days from the date of purchase;
  • Provided a valid reason for the claim of the refund and your dissatisfaction;
  • Provided a valid report against an unauthorized or fraudulent charge (if any).
2.2 Once you have filed a refund, please be patient as our response time can range from 24-72 hours.

2.3 Due to the digital nature of some our products i.e. e-books for kids, Reading Readiness Center, LLC will not issue refunds for such products therefore you understand that all sales are final.

2.4 Reading Readiness Center, LLC may, but is not under any obligation to, honor requests for refunds.