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Concentration and attention issues are very common in school-going children, they usually find it difficult to sit in one place and concentrate on one task as they are hyperactive in behavior. Many parents are concerned about their child’s concentration and wonder what is wrong with their children. 


Signs of Low Concentration

A child may show many signs of lack of concentration through his behavior, parent need to notice their child’s behavior and get to know the reasons behind it.

An unfocused child finds it difficult to sit in one place and gets distracted easily.

They face difficulty in organizing themselves, and often lose things, as they appear to be lost in daydreaming most of the time.

They also face difficulty in learning and remembering, find it hard to follow instructions, and can’t complete the assigned tasks on the first try. 

It is hard for them to focus, hence they find it difficult to complete the homework, they also adapt to poor handwriting compared to other kids of the same age.

They also display behavior issues, such as aggression, irritation, or moodiness, and also display poor gross motor skills, such as being clumsy while running or jumping.

They also experience friendship issues as it is also difficult for them to make new friends.


Causes of Low Concentration

It is very common for children to get distracted very quickly, their wandering minds are always distracted by the things around them. Try to take all the possible available distractions away from them.

Organized study space will be good to go place for your child, as they can’t concentrate in a disturbing zone.

A child’s mind is innocent and sometimes it is not able to accept difficult tasks at once, make sure to assign age-appropriate tasks to them.

When a child feels ignored and try to seek attention from parents, they start to show aggressive behavior, you need to spend some quality time with your child every day.


Poor diet, skipping breakfast or eating too much junk or sugary food can
also, cause behavior issues and affect the concentration level of a child.

Lack of sleep affects the mental health of a child, make sure your child
doesn’t stay up till late at night, and also takes some power naps in between
the day.

The environment inside the home can also affect the child’s mental
health, make sure to keep them away from personal problems and provide them
the friendly atmosphere at home.

When children are not interested in something they might not be able to
focus on it. Make sure to introduce some fun activities to them to keep them
motivated and interested.

The absence of physical activities and lack of exercise can also dull
your child’s personality. Take your child out for some time and let them play
with other kids around.

To know more about,
how to improve your child’s concentration, go to https://www.readingreadiness.org/how-to-improve-a-childs-concentration/