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Toxic means something which is contaminated, poisonous or harmful. A toxic parent is someone whose negative and contaminated behavior causes damage to the positive personality of the child, and damages his mental health leading to cause failure, guilt, or resistance in the child’s personality. A child may also fall a victim to depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (commonly known as PTSD).


Traits of Toxic Parents

Toxic parents are considered to be manipulative and controlling, they want to control the child’s life and make him do everything they want him to do even if the child resists.

They are self-centered and more concerned about their wants and needs.

They play with the child’s emotions and try to implement their own decisions on the child or to set their life goals.

They don’t have control over their own emotions, and easily create drama or overreact to little mistakes. They are not ready to admit their mistakes.

They get abusive towards their child physically and mentally, they may slap or punch the child or beat with a stick or yell, scream and torture them.




They get harshly critical and blame the child for not doing anything good. They don’t appreciate the good traits of the child. 


How toxic behavior affects children

Toxic parenting leaves e a huge impact on a child’s personality. A child of toxic parents usually grows up shameful and guilty.

The child’s self-esteem, self-awareness, self-image, and personality are damaged, and they up falling into various health issues including mental illness.

This contamination leaves a huge impact on children throughout life and they never feel the sense of security ever they needed.

When they turn into adults, they tend to show the same behavior as their parents had, falling into the category of toxic people themselves


How to fix your relationship with the child

Parenting is a blessing as well as a huge responsibility. Remember that a child depends on you for everything and demands support, love, care, and attention all the time. Being a parent, we all expect our children to be kind, loving, well-rounded, and successful. And we try to give our best to help them develop a positive attitude and optimistic personality. Yet, some parents fail at it by intoxicating their child’s personalities with their pessimistic behavior.

You can develop a healthy relationship with your child by being polite, kind, and loving.

Let them know that you are available for them whenever they may need you.

Listen to your child carefully and let them know that you understand how they feel.

Anger issues can be there, you can try to apologize to your child and let them know that you are sorry.

Avoid being rude to your child, be a friend to them, and let them feel secure with you.Healing your relationship with your child is necessary so that you can raise a better adult for society and the world to make it a better place to live in.