Welcome to Reading Readiness Center

For the past 12+ years, Reading Readiness has helped numerous kids play, learn, and grow. We have helped children be creative and thrive in kindergarten. Our children have not only learned to read, but they have also gained social-emotional skills. We have helped them grow confidence and they have really enjoyed the program. Our desire is to build the love for learning in children all over the world. Our top priority has always been for each child is to come in and feel, loved, safe and comfortable. We strongly believe no learning can take place unless a child feels all three. We are currently running Reading Readiness in multiple cities and at multiple sites through the city community centers. It is in high demand. Our program is one of the top-running programs in The City. Parents rave about our curriculum, and we continuously get feedback from parents as to how their kids have excelled in kindergarten and continue to be in the top reading group in the class. We at the Reading Readiness would like to welcome you to our RR franchise family and look forward to getting to know you. We are committed to our mission of helping children reach their full potential and we intend to provide support to our franchisees. We strongly believe in teamwork and as always, your success is our success. We are in the business of helping children and we want them to have fun, grow and thrive. This business is flexible, lucrative, and fulfilling. We have found this to be self-satisfying. Hope you also enjoy working with kids and watching them reach new heights while earning a living.
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