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Things to Avoid to Raise an Intelligent Child



Parents always wish for their children to be smarter than others and always try to motivate them to be the best in all aspects of life. Some parents get so concerned that they start to burden their child with unnecessary loads of activities that are not even required at the specific age and complain all the time about the child being dull and inactive, without realizing that they are demanding extra effort than the child’s limit. Parents need to understand that a child’s healthy emotional development relies on the positive behavior and involvement of parents.

A child learns better in free space, but many parents try to keep the child restricted and introduce tough rules for the child. Parents should try to provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the child, where the child may get the chance to explore his abilities, rather than getting tangled.

Do not restrict your child to staying in the walls at home, allow them to go out and get exposed to diverse experiences.



Do not disregard the talents of your child, instead provide them opportunities to enhance their talents and become skillful in them.

Do not ignore the basic emotional needs of your child, try to support their intellectual and emotional needs and give them a chance to build a better and strong connection with you.

Do not let your child feel low, help them to develop a growth mindset and praise their efforts without judging their ability.

Do not scold or discourage your child in case of failure, encourage them to take risks and accept the failure, and help them to overcome their fears.

Do not expect more than the age limit of your child, get aware of their abilities and assign them tasks that they can perform easily, and praise their efforts rather than daunting all the time.




Do not burden your child with too many tasks as this will make them dull, tired, and inactive, assign age-appropriate activities so that they can perform well actively.

Do not block the creative mind of your child, get involved with them in creative activities and give them space to learn on their own.

Do not let your child feel alone in their hour of need, try to remain available as a supportive parent and encourage them to come to you when they need you.

Do not label your kid as dumb, stupid, or senseless as it will only hurt their feelings and emotions, and push them into the darkness.

Being a parent it is your responsibility to care about all the needs of your child and provide them the positive and comfortable space which they deserve. Your presence, cooperation, support, and reinforcement will be helpful to make your child smarter, more intellectual, and more presentable. Remember that, only you can boost your child’s confidence and make them realize what they are capable of with your positive attitude.